venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Sognami versione cartacea!

Sognami versione cartacea!
Carissimi amici di Vas Quas siamo lietissimi di annunciare che la versione Cartacea di Sognami è pronta:

Il manuale in formato A4 41 Pagine a colori è in vendita al prezzo di 15.99 euro (una volta acquistato richiedeteci il PDF).

Ricordiamo per chi volesse solo il PDF che Sognami è ancora per qualche altro giorno nel Bundle donazione (trovate maggior informazioni sulla barra laterale di questo Blog).

And for English Friend (it's comings thanks to: Aaron Friesen): 

Everyone dreams. Not everyone, however, believes in dreams.

Once in a while, someone comes to believe that dreams are something real, parallel worlds separated from the waking world. Writers, artists, visionaries, the insane... sometimes ordinary people, in nights of inspiration - people have always traveled the endless paths of dreams. Some people, falling asleep one night, find themselves in the world of Onirica. When that happens, whether a child, a youth, an adult or an elder cross that border, for Oneiric it is the birth of new hope, but also conceals the shadow of a great fear.

The Slumbering Princess, ruler and soul of Oneiric, allows herself to smile, at the same time a tear falling from her face. If the Princess should ever be awakened from her sleep and endless dream that governs everything in this unique realm, none could dream again. The Nightmares, they hunger, always lying in wait to conquer the kingdom of the Slumbering Princess. If they could destroy the world of dreams, they would then have free reign over the waking world... a new Pandora's box would open, and none could stop them.

When a new Bearer of the Pure Dream discovers Onirica, the Slumbering Princess knows that the Dreamer will be her champion against the Nightmares. But the temptations of the Lord of Nightmares are subtle, his power is great, and more than ever real. Many Dreamers in the past have succumbed to the charms of the Nightmares. It is said that the Lord of Nightmares itself was just the first Bearer of the Pure Dream, the most valiant champion of the Princess, corrupted and plunged into endless nightmare.

Tonight, a whisper comes to you in a dream, the lure of Onirica caressing you:

"Dream of me, and I will give thee the key of your Desires"

Stay tuned!